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Lost in the Sea of Statuses

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  • Lost in the Sea of Statuses

    We all yearn to connect with one another. The hunger and craving so strong.
    My mind is working on a peaceful place to reside when that craving and hunger
    become a distraction from my inner peace. You dig?

    Lost in the sea of statuses, the music in someone's heart.
    What's needed is more apparatuses, where we can share our art.
    Picture the clouds as mattresses, imagine and play the part.
    Lose yourself in hiatuses, nature's a good place to start.

    If a tree falls in the forest, does anybody hear?
    The music from the guitarist, falling on deaf ears?
    A love note from the florist, the lover disappears?
    The painting from the artist, rejected by her peers?

    The bottle with a message washes up on shore.
    Within the last vestige has now become folklore.
    No less important is what it had to say.
    what seems to lie dormant has yet to see it's day.

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    I really like the hopeful message of this one Bobby! Perhaps I'm just too impatient with life to wait - yes, I think that's often true. I'll work on it.


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      Very nice write, BDB, I think you have captured my current status. I do long for the days of touching flower petals without looking at my watch.


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        MHenryRhymeLovingWriter, I'm craving pancakes now, how bout you?


        • RhymeLovingWriter
          RhymeLovingWriter commented
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          Yes Bobby. If I hadn't already started on something else, I'd have changed the menu. But tomorrow is Sunday morning and they will be great then!

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        Just Lucy's pancakes! Otherwise, I must exercise will power lest it be my demise.


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          I do dig, Bobby. I really like this. The first two stanzas are particularly affecting; the second stanza is the crown. I feel like you tapped into something special here.