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  • I'll Forever Be Finn

    Last edited by Bison; 12-10-2016, 07:46 PM.

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    Bison, you have been posting so much interesting and accomplished material, but, for me, this poem really takes the cake.

    I am completely captivated by what you have done here. I feel this poem, deeply.

    Mischief makes us
    Better than angels

    Indeed. This is beyond Likes and salutes. Thank you for sharing.


    • Bison
      Bison commented
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      Grant, thank you sincerely.

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    Wonderful use of Twain for a muse. "Life is hard and disparate. Accept it." Very well done, Bison! (Of course, now I want to listen to Rush, but that is only indirectly your fault.)


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      give away my eyes is the line that affected me here. !!
      and of course the mark twain references. your use of landscapes.


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        A plethora of lexical gems, in a tiny space.

        The depth of your phrases, the imagery and mood, a nuanced piece, without question.

        Fine work, somewhat under-appreciated, I fear.


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          There is so much to like about this, Bison! Youth writing about youth! Bold, adventurous, yet thoughtful and showing great maturity of thought and expression. This is excellent work!


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            I read both Sawyer and Finn, it seems ages ago, and this makes me want badly to schedule time to revisit both! Great enjoyment from this piece - thank you Bison!


            • Suz-zen
              Suz-zen commented
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              I am going to pick up my copies and read again too!! Time! Time ! Time!!!!! Read! Write!! Sleep???

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            Bison !!!
            Tracks by this:

            A midsummer night I dreamt
            Of a night once spent
            In arms of the earth
            Shattered but so bright.
            I saw a blue light
            That gave way to birth.
            Is that all I am?

            I really enjoyed this! Second time even better than the first! To dovetail the comment by grant hayes of this poem taking the cake... it is yummy!