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    {This is a poem from a book I am writing}

    Dad left years ago

    Since then I'm all alone

    Moms depressed more than before

    I find her crying on the floor

    Sister died a month prior

    Everyone at school calls me a liar

    A life of struggle a life of pain

    A life with minor happiness gain

    I feel like I'm not enough

    I feel like life is just too rough

    I cry alone, making a flood of tears

    I drown in insecurities and fears

    I yearn for glee

    But that's not for me

    Because apparently

    I think differently

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    Hi, PB, Life can be hard and you have written about hardship and how it affects people so honestly and poignantly.
    You are not alone. There are so many people suffering.
    And you are enough!

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    • PoetryBree
      PoetryBree commented
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      Actually, many times when I write, I myself in others situations, and then write. It's one of the ways I use my imagination. Its also why I write breakup poems and stuff.

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    A book already!? Way to go PB!


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      PB, I try not to read others interpretations until I've given you mine. So here's mine: I hope your sadness won't last for long


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        First, congratulations on writing a book. Good Luck!!
        Your verse describes an unfortunate but common problem. Sadly, I think many feel alone in this situation. It helps them so much just to know that there are others with similar situations. You have done a good job of stating the problem and giving these often lonely people a feeling of community.
        thank you