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Man of my dreams

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  • RhymeLovingWriter
    Whirlwind romance - left on the rocks - seeking new connection - bracing for the shocks. You've nicely chronicled the cyclical nature of love lost and - wanting to be found!

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    They always do. Perhaps awaiting happy accidents!

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  • Madeline
    As always your comments are gallant

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  • MHenry
    Every mother's nightmare, every daughter's horror! Thanks for pouring your heart out, Madeline. It's the stuff of poetry!

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  • Madeline
    started a topic Man of my dreams

    Man of my dreams

    With charm he disarms
    With grace upon his face
    I adore want more
    See surface not precipice

    As a girl I twirl
    Round his finger I linger
    This boy am his toy
    Yet my joy will destroy

    He is tall and I fall
    In love with dream not as it seems
    Not real not the deal
    Not my prince I wince

    Took a chance head full of romance
    We did dance inside my pants
    As he feels my body real
    All I give all I live

    Then he has gone we are done
    I gave my treasure for his pleasure
    See the truth he was aloof
    No fairey tale just a horny male

    Lesson learned heart spurn
    Never again well perhaps next weekend
    Learnt the rules but was young fool
    Sitting target always forget