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The Practice of Horticulture

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  • The Practice of Horticulture

    Wrapped in our darknesses the sheaths
    Of skin folded as hands waiting
    Often we forget the plants
    Like children fastidiously watching us
    Shining from the roots of the moon
    Groping out luminous as silence
    Among the living

    Emigrating through the wind
    Hoarding their bundles of joy
    In the wells of their bodies feeding
    On themselves
    Our breath leaves them like water
    These masters of transport
    Long before the wheel
    Older and wiser
    The lights of August finding
    A Home in them

    We cannot leave them alone
    Thinking them ours
    Like arms appendages for our sake
    Raising them up as our children
    But they spread out
    And over us as shadows fingers
    Stalks without homes
    And we fall back lost in the grasses

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    Having just returned from the country, surrounded by those who make their living from the land (some with excellent stewardship, some not so much so), this rings beautiful in my ear Tanner. Truly I'm blessed to be able to go to a place where you see this wonder unraveling all around you - if you only take time to see.


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      This poem is from 1986. Found in a box today while sorting papers.


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        So you've started then - on your reorganizing? I knew riches would be unearthed - or possibly birthed - in this process! Yea to you for starting! Best of luck with continuing!


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          I'd rank this among your 'works of stature', Tanner. It's satisfying at every level.


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            GH, thank you for your judgment. It will motivate me to deliver into more boxes. I know there is a poetic past that is currently in hiding. I will put the poetic truffle pig to work and see
            if he can root out some more poems.


            • RhymeLovingWriter
              RhymeLovingWriter commented
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              The 'poetic truffle pig rooting out poems'...what a picture THAT paints! Solid gold Tanner. Solid gold.