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The Cosmology of Love (For John Wertz)

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  • The Cosmology of Love (For John Wertz)

    Love is the north star that
    That should guide our journeying
    Under the heavens

    Why the mansion where
    We live truly exists we
    May never know but

    We must believe that
    Our time on earth is well spent
    In loving others

    Sentience is what
    Is evolving to fill the
    Far-flung galaxies

    Be assured they are
    Skyward gazed in wonderment
    Like us questioning

    While we are here let
    Us give heart-felt thanks for our

    To bear witness to
    The grandeur and majesty
    Of the Universe

    Perhaps future kin
    Will someday come to meet their
    Fellow sojourners

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    Quite a lovely, lyrical, and impressive haiku string, Tanner! You are in magnificent form here!


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      MHenry, your kind words are always appreciated. I'm trying to decelerate for the summer, hopefully not a crash landing. A garage and basement full of stuff
      needs reorganizing. I hope it will be therapeutic as opposed to drudgery.


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        Beautifully conceived and wrought, Tanner, and very moving. Salutes all round!


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          From title to close - this string sings of possibility Tanner - hopeful possibility.

          Along that line (hopeful possibility) my suggestion to you for the task ahead is to decide on a daily goal in decluttering, and as a reward for finishing your allotted quota - come and write haiku about what you've come across/accomplished. If your basement and garage are anything like mine - memories will be wakened at every turn! Win/win. By the end of summer, the onus of unorganized 'stuff' will be off your back - and we will be the richer for the beautiful verse you've shared!


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            RLW, FYI, 50 medium sized containers in the basement (to be sorted et al) , 30 pieces of small furniture in the basement to make the wayward trek to the garage; a garage full of antique furniture et al to be sorted and reorganized. 30+ bags of 25+ years of office papers to be burned,plus off-loadings over the years from 3 adult children. As well,probably 500+ antique
            smalls to be dealt with; as a hobby my wife and I collected and sold antiques over 35+ years. You are right, poetry writing will be a respite! I just found "The Practice of Horticulture" in a box
            from 1986. just posted. Thanks for the good wishes. I like your gameplan!