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  • Duvet thief

    Uncovered I awake
    Expecting you to there
    My ex who is
    Duvet thief extraordinaire
    As I sit and wake
    Alone and thinking
    My love for you
    Constantly shrinkng

    Yet my bed feels wrong
    Now your body gone
    Doesn't feel like mine
    No other to entwine

    Tempted to call you back
    Accessory after fact
    Would be a relief
    Victim of duvet thief

    I doze off and wait
    For the new morning
    Realise thoughts danger
    Was just a warning
    Who did he love?
    He sat on the fence
    He was never loyal
    Just a big pretence

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    awake and welcome, stolen from. Lust will make you write. Love will make you think and Truly write. Share, I'm dying to hear


    • Madeline
      Madeline commented
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      Your comment purplexes me Are you suggesting I have stolen from anoother poem Can you explain please?

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    Absolutely not!!!!!!! This write made me feel like you were STOLEN FROM!!!! Your love was stolen from you!!!!!!!!!


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      I thought this was a beautiful poem and a beautiful reply as well. love will make you truly write! wow


      • Madeline
        Madeline commented
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        yes i agree the reply is lovely

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      The second Sorry but yes like the duvet the love was shared but under false pretences. No commitment to me options always kept open.


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        I love this Madeline! The duvet thief made me think it was going to be a fun tale of waking to find your companion had stolen all the covers (which I am wont to do, so I can relate). Then, as the tale unfolds I understand the thief stole more than the duvet, and this is a sad lament against false lovers and pretenders. Well done!


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          Men! Cant live with 'em, can't shoot 'em for sport.
          I don't like this guy. I hope he is somewhere cold and uncovered.
          great verse, Loved it


          • MHenry
            MHenry commented
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            Or perhaps covered in blood-sucking vermin!

          • Madeline
            Madeline commented
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            your defence of my honour is much appreciated

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          I really enjoy the way you've placed this sad situation under that banner of a clever title Madelaine! I too, at first thought it would be a whimsical piece. But then the truth was 'revealed' (in several clever lines) and we (and you) are left to see his duplicity. Nicely done!


          • #9
            Men often purplexed me never spot a liar without hindsight


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              This is very clever Madeline and the title is great. Sad how predators seek and use genuine people who just want to love and be loved.


              • Madeline
                Madeline commented
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                Thank you we live and learn sometimes we are very slow to learn