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  • ouzo

    i want to ouzo you
    with depths of my soul
    as you ouzo me
    drink me up, whole
    hesitation gone
    shared debauchery
    naked rawness
    nothing hidden
    you and I
    others secrets
    never told
    one bottle
    fast gone
    another in bed
    faithful promise
    credo well said
    "if it's done right"
    author's quote not wrong
    say it again
    i'm aching inside.

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    Wow now I fancy a tipple


    • Suz-zen
      Suz-zen commented
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      going to a Greek wedding on Sunday... inspiration!

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    Licorice as an aphrodisiac! Steamy, Suz-zen! Love it!


    • Suz-zen
      Suz-zen commented
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      thank you MHenry! Totally out of my comfort zone here! though i love anything licorice...

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    Aching rawness indeed, Suz-zen, of a very relatable kind. The erotic charge is that of honest abandon, not mere titillation.

    My last encounter with ouzo was, alas, not so promising. ☺


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      thanks grant hayes!
      this one was meant to titillate! Woody Allen was also an influence here. Many years ago Johnny Carson, as a friend recently shared w/ me had Woody Allen as a guest. Carson said he thought Allen thought sex was dirty. To which Allen replied, 'if it's done right it is'... these things stick with me... the first line really deserves to be credited to same 'friend'... the rest is me!
      (do not give up on Ouzo!)


      • MHenry
        MHenry commented
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        I never heard about that exchange between Johnny and Woody, but if that was ad lib, it is testament to his genius!

      • Suz-zen
        Suz-zen commented
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        total ad lib... what a genius... a man that can write from a woman's perspective like no other

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      I like ouzo in its first and second meaning 😄


      • Suz-zen
        Suz-zen commented
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        thank you lunar glide! it has an interesting 'taste' to it,no?