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  • Lonely Giraffe

    The giraffe always seemed aloof
    Head so high above his hoof.
    All the animals found it hard to talk
    Although treetop birds did have a squawk

    When he was young was too cool
    Kept himself to himself at school
    Hard to listen when the ceiling so low
    Had to put his head out the window

    Then one day he heard a yelp
    From a tree a cry for help
    Baby tiger was distressed
    His fears the Giraffe addressed

    Little one cling to my neck
    I will lower you to the deck
    Giraffe carried out his rescue
    Changed the animals point of view

    They talked even shout
    For sound to reach ears just about
    That is how giraffe made friend
    Took some neck but happy end
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    Such a lovely picture. Even born enemies can find a place of understanding and mutual need. Great lesson for us all.
    Thanks for sharing


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      Very cool images, Pp! I like the image of the giraffe sticking its head out the window in class due to low ceiling.
      The image of the giraffe as a fireman rescuing a cat from a tree (who needs a ladder! it's GiraffeMan, da-da-da!)
      The first two lines are great!


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        I love how you stick your neck out in your poem!


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          Thank you lunar glide MHenry rhymetime
          This is a present for a friend. She helped me a little while ago on a Saturday evening when my stepdaughter needed an urgent trip to check something with a Dr.(It was a bit of a false alarm) but my friend stayed in case we needed transport to the next hospital missing bedtime stories with her four year old son. I wanted to thank her by writing something she could read to him. It was harder than it seemed. There was no magic to the writing. Then I realised too many facts not enough story.A child wants to use their immagination not have a biology lesson. Back to the drawing board and I wish and Lonely Giraffe appeared both for Jago
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            I am so glad to hear that you wrote this for a friend to read to a child. As I read it I thought it would make a great children's book. I can see the really cool illustrations, and it teaches a good lesson.


            • Parkinsonspoet
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              Thank you for such positive feedback

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            Nicely done parkinsonspoet - in my poem 'united animal nation' my giraffes were the elitist. Enjoyed your take.


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              Thank you Alexandra is that poem posted here

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            a lovely poem with your special way with word and rhyme pp!!


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              Absolutely Child friendly. I was turning colored pages in my mind. Thank you!!!