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  • I wish

    I wish

    I wish I was said the woodlouse
    A giant as big as a mouse
    I could live my life without fear
    Whenever a spider comes near

    A scary life was so hard
    So he got a bodyguard
    A mouse called Andrew
    A giant it was true

    Then one day they did walk
    A passing dog did not balk
    At chasing the mouse giant
    Mouth drooling very vilent

    Next a cat came to hunt
    A mouse and lets be blunt
    The cat the more dangers foe
    Even a claw in every toe

    The mouse he ran and he ran
    Yelled the woodlouse whats the plan
    Then he realised with a chill
    The cat his bodyguard would kill

    So he sprung into action
    Allied to mouse in his faction
    Jumped from twig to cats rear
    Landed in the cats ear

    Fourteen legs tickled in there
    Cat shook head this was so rare
    Woodlouse to the ground was shuttled
    And unnoticed away he scuttled

    His bodyguard made good his escape
    Whilst cats mouth did gape
    Later on said the giant mouse
    I wish I was tiny like a woodlouse
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    Haha, Pp, You are a goldmine of humorous and touching stories, always well-told with your signature rhyme scheme!


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      Thank you-as I explained at lonely giraffe a present for a friends son


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        I can imagine this delighting a child, read aloud.