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  • Under the shed

    A hedgehog came to make her bed
    Underneath the garden shed
    Sometimes on a moonlit night
    See her unttil she takes fright

    A safe place she found to stay
    Concealed throughout the day
    In the dark she feels secure
    For a little adventure

    She forages for her nest
    Comfortable for baby to rest
    Although she is prickly they do cuddle
    For warmth together they do huddle

    Until one glorious night
    Mum and baby is the sight
    Out in the open they move on
    Nest empty farewell they've gone

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    You are nature's spokesman, Pp! You have many of these, and it seems like an endless fount for your fruitful and delightful imagination. A book of these I see in your future, Luke!
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    • Parkinsonspoet
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      This is indeed a true story and at the moment I ponder on a stick insect I saw on my door yesterday. As always your words add to the post and I thank you for them.