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  • I Miss You

    I awaken in the morning darkness.
    Without thought I reach out.
    touch the emptiness
    that you once filled.
    I remember that you are gone.
    Inconsolable I stare into the dark.
    I taste you upon my lips.
    Your fragrance swirls about me.
    Your gentle glow that lit my darkness,
    only a memory now.
    I miss you!

    I fill my day as best I can
    ith distraction. But still
    you invade me when I least
    expect you.
    I see others and I hate them.
    They laugh and enjoy their love.
    I want them to understand this pain.
    They fear it, as they should,
    this devastation, this vacancy,
    this consumption of need.
    Oh how I miss you!

    My cigarette!!
    Oh how I miss you.

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    lol this was great! you could definitely work in advertising 😄


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      Nice build up with the sense of loss and longing. Well done!


      • #4
        Great, rt! You had me listening to the violin music, weeping for your lost love, and commiserating with you, until you made the beautiful turn at the end, and dropped my jaw! I never saw the sucker punch coming!


        • lunar glide
          lunar glide commented
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          lol now you know how we feel with your endings 😄

        • MHenry
          MHenry commented
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          I might not want to get in the ring with this guy!

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        Somehow we all got caught up in the smoky haze of love. Love is love is love.


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          Every smoker knows exactly what you are saying here. It's unfortunately true how attached you are to those nasty little sticks and how you crave and long for one when you finally decide to quit! Bravo on a beautiful description on that addiction.


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            I was lured in until the last line lol lol. Great job!!


            • #8
              Haha! Nice twist, rhymetime. Really effective write.


              • #9
                I taste you upon my lips.
                Your fragrance swirls about me.
                Your gentle glow that lit my darkness,

                then 'my cigarette'
                rhymetime Brilliant!!


                • #10
                  My most heartfelt thanks to all who read and commented. I hope it gave you a smile.
                  I am learning my around here and enjoying meeting all of you.
                  thanks for letting me play in your sandbox.


                  • Suz-zen
                    Suz-zen commented
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                    @rhymtime, our sandbox is a fun place to meet and play! You new poet friend, have just made it all the more fun!
                    Pleasure to meet you.

                    See you on the monkey bars swinging by our tails and wishing on stars!

                  • rhymetime
                    rhymetime commented
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                    Swinging on our tails and wishing on stars
                    Damn ,pure genius