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Betty's the Belle of the Ball (a tribute to my mother-in-Law)

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  • Betty's the Belle of the Ball (a tribute to my mother-in-Law)

    Betty passed away on New Years Day after her well fought fight with Alzheimer's Disease

    She was the Belle of the Ball, matriarch and our Sweet Caroline.
    Betty McNally from Brooklyn, New York, most certainly one of a kind.
    This hard working mother from the greatest generation has left her troubles behind.
    The contract for her passage to heaven has been delivered and signed.

    For her it was a world of cars and a world of trees.
    Roast beef dinner at Grandma's house can you pass the gravy please.
    Doting on her grandchildren her abundance in multiple threes.
    And now she gets to spend her days in our father's heavenly breeze.

    Heaven on earth was a cup of tea and a slice of white bread toast.
    A good book and quiet conversation is what she treasured most.
    She was a simple woman with simple needs, she didn't want for much,
    lived her life with dignity and grace, her family's hearts she touched.

    Even in her darkest days it was very hard to tell, sitting in the nursing
    home, she handled her plight so well. Quietly sitting alone in her chair,
    she never seemed upset, she handled it like the rest of her life, never
    breaking a sweat.

    She saw me as a character, the one who married her daughter.
    Singing, dancing acting like a clown, off guard I definitely caught her.
    It was almost like she became one herself when she entered the nursing home,
    She'd walk the halls greeting her neighbors and in their rooms she'd roam.

    One day she'll reunite with her friends from Golden Hill,
    Arlene, Nancy and David, there'll be no more sitting still.
    The afterlife of these four friends very much alive and well
    Betty, Arlene, Nancy and David dancing and raising hell

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    Beautiful tribute! A personal story with a universal theme that touches the lives of so many.

    Thank you for sharing Ms. Betty with us.


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      Well done, BDB. A seamless rhyme scheme held together throughout this warm and loving, yet playful tribute.


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        rhymetime, thanks for reading and commenting. I'm sure we all have stories about the debilitating disease called Alzheimer's.


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          Very nice tribute! You wrote her story well my friend!


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            Rach79, thank you old/young friend! Happy 4th of July weekend to you and Betty in Heaven!


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              Back at you, be safe and enjoy!

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            this is simultaneously sad and heartwarming thank you for sharing it


            • Bobby Del Boy
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              Lunarglide,yes that was Betty's life. She covered all the emotions. Always a pleasure poet friend.

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            What a beautiful tribute Bobby.


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              AlexandratheLate. Thank you for reading and commenting poet friend.