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  • Holy grail

    Holy Grail

    Poets seek their holy grail
    One perfect poem but all fail
    Poetry should recognise diversity
    Competition Contradictory

    As words glisten vowells shimmer
    Plot thickens starts to simmer
    Story embellished by a rhyme
    Beat helps flow as read in time

    Poems can contain truth or fiction
    Enraptures when spoken with diction
    Enligtens minds unburdons souls
    Each poem has diferent goals

    Connections in sections
    A Truth resurection
    Words colour the palette of thought
    Instinct a skill can't be taught

    Poetic purpoise poem profound
    But not here within this sound
    These verses if confusing
    Rambling poetic musings

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    What I Expected
    (by Stephen Spender)

    What I expected, was
    Thunder, fighting,
    Long struggles with men
    And climbing.
    After continual straining
    I should grow strong;
    Then the rocks would shake
    And I should rest long.

    What I had not foreseen
    Was the gradual day
    Weakening the will
    Leaking the brightness away,
    The lack of good to touch,
    The fading of body and soul
    Like smoke before wind
    Corrupt, unsubstantial.

    The wearing of Time,
    And watching of cripples pass
    With limbs shaped like questions
    In their odd twist,
    The pulverous grief
    Melting the bones with pity,
    The sick falling from earth—
    These, I could not foresee.

    For I had expected always
    Some brightness to hold in trust,
    Some final innocence
    Exempt from dust,
    That, hanging solid,
    Would dangle through all,
    Like the created poem,
    Or the dazzling crystal.

    (bold font in last stanza applied by me - GH)


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      You have made some good points, and you have done so poetically, in what you call your rambling poetic musing, Pp.


      • Parkinsonspoet
        Parkinsonspoet commented
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        Thank you it was rambling because i wrote without conscious intent i didn't know whatpoint i was trying to make which is unusal for me

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      Grant Thank you for introducing me to that it is beautiful- when I wrote that last night I did not know what my intent was . Sometimes I am frustrated as words just flow but now and again like last night I had ideas where I can;t expand my thoughts. I have to learn that my own high expectations are ridiculous. I am a man not a machine but my medication can lead to compulsive behaviour and I need to be vigilant.


      • grant hayes
        grant hayes commented
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        You poem makes perfectly good sense, Parkinsonspoet, and I like the train of thought you've set to rhyme in distinctive style. My purpose in sharing the Spender was to explore your central idea further - what it means to pursue poetry, and the question of whether it is possible to perfect it. Spender, after considering life's vicissitudes, wishes that he might find something of eternal value, which he compares to both poem and dazzling gem. I think the desire to create such an enduring poetic work corresponds to your idea of the poem as a search for the Grail.