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Ice Cubes (A Peek into the Psyche of RhymeLovingWriter)

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  • RhymeLovingWriter
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    Thanks MHenry. I'll work on more variety in my verse! Guess the ha'sonnet has gotten thoroughly under my skin!

  • MHenry
    Hi, RLW, This is a very clever ode to the ice cube, but you still snuck in a tribute to your hubby! And you ended it with a suspiciously ha'sonnety rhyme! Love it!

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  • Ice Cubes (A Peek into the Psyche of RhymeLovingWriter)

    Ice Cubes (A Peek into the Psyche of RhymeLovingWriter)

    I reached in the bin where pickings were slim
    for previous day I had not filled the trays
    yet still I did pause, considering cause
    and effect (which followed this way)

    So thankful we have a refrigerator (though automatic ice maker is kaput)
    And these trays…someone made these…so thankful for them
    And clean water…indoors…from tap…what a wonder and blessing…
    Then there is electricity which keeps things humming along…marvel of modern age
    And money to pay that monthly electricity bill…so thankful because
    A man, willing to do a job, day after day, year after year – which funds that account which pays that bill…I pray everyone be blessed with opportunity same
    He continues his job, in part, because of good health – never to be taken for granted
    Good health a gift – like life – like ice

    This is a wonder and blessing of my world

    Ice cubes at hand
    Life indeed grand

    ©RhymeLovingWriter 2016