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Start of the Dark (Reposted)

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  • Start of the Dark (Reposted)

    Start of the Dark

    From the shape
    Of the bone its pelvic indentations
    Found recently by diggers in Argentina
    Archaeologists reclaim a woman circumstance
    Has forbidden us her name who
    12 years before gave birth in prison
    To a child sex and whereabouts unknown
    Before stepping down alone
    Into the ground

    That the dark
    Remains multiple invariant
    Was the last truth she had not time
    To learn to forget

    We are children
    Of those that disappeared before
    Descended through other bones into hands
    That once held us gently

    To touch soft arcs
    In face breast or thigh
    Is to remember that below the transitory garment
    Of skin lies an eroding architecture of bone

    Underneath the quiet of ground
    There shifts bedrock and stone darkness comes
    As an elliptical corrosive net

    That vexes mind we are left to thwart it
    Armed only by touch

    There are evil men
    Who etch the body with acid lace it
    Delicately with cigarette fire who introduce
    Hungry rodents into the vaginas
    Of young girls and women who apply
    Electricity to the genitals of boys and men

    Secretly at night
    The drugged bodies dropped off
    Into the vast Atlantic whorl

    I feel in your breath
    Cloudbanks stirring up rain plumages of first light
    Upon small green mountains where birds cry out
    From the southern forests of your hair

    I need no compass
    To explore the geography of your breasts
    I want us lastly to be found

    At the start of the dark
    With all of those who disappeared before
    The community of the desaparecidos (missing)
    Our spirits joined
    Like wayward crescent moons
    That rose and fell together mistaken for a pelvic bone
    That could not be separated by earth

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    Superlatives escape...excellence remains. Thank you Tanner - your expression is gift.


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      RLW, I value your comments highly. Again I think a lot of people missed this poem on its first posting.


      • RhymeLovingWriter
        RhymeLovingWriter commented
        Editing a comment
        I think you are right. Thank you for re-posting. These are profound.

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      Work of major stature. This reader is awed.


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        GH, Accolades from you are always appreciated.. Papers taking flight to Australia this week.


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          I had missed it! and my circle of awareness is extending .