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  • Call before you dig

    Excavation, contemplation

    My that is some hole

    With dinosaurs extinct

    Can’t be burying a bone

    Were you going to put a pool in

    Or out to catch a mole

    Tunneling to freedom

    Or did dynamite explode

    How grave the situation

    Is this a tiger trap

    Why did you dig a hole so big

    My GPS could map

    Should it starts to rain

    The ducks can swim around

    You’d make a ground hog proud

    By moving that much ground

    I guess I’ll get my shovel

    Unless you’d care to fill it in

    That’s what I thought

    Just wag your tail and grin

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    This is a delicious bit of delight Divot. The title intrigued - the tale satisfied! Thank you!


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      Hey divot, missed you friend! With 2 new West Highland terrier puppies in my home this could not be more perfect as I watch them dig their way to China. Gotta love it!


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        This is a delight divot !! this line made me chuckle!!

        'You’d make a ground hog proud


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          Delightful tale divot. Enjoyed this.


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            I really enjoyed this!


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              I am grinning, (though not wagging a tail.) Very enjoyable, divot!


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                Dial 1-900 dig. "Dig" THE WHOLE WORLD LAY BENEATH US. BUT DO NOT DISTURB!!!!! LOVE IT!!!!


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                  The dog dug far more than a divot, doubtless.


                  • RhymeLovingWriter
                    RhymeLovingWriter commented
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                    Down deep and dirty - divulging derelict detritus - driven despondent despite deliriously doggerel diffidence.

                    My goodness - I LOVE playing with words!

                  • grant hayes
                    grant hayes commented
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                    And the colored girls say doo d-doo d-doo doo d-doo doo d-doo d-doo ...

                  • MHenry
                    MHenry commented
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                    Like grant said!

                • #10
                  This is very funny and very relateable, divot. This pup seems to have a similar sensibility as my golf swing. Unfortunately, my divots come before the ball!