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When I get to Heaven

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  • When I get to Heaven

    When I get to Heaven...

    I want to meet a girl in a park

    Preferably Marine Park......

    After I meet her I want to run

    to the top of Pikes Peak and down.....

    When I return home from Colorado

    I want to marry that girl and have a wedding......

    I want all my family and friends to be at that wedding

    eating, dancing, drinking and having a great time....

    When the wedding is over I want to go on a trip

    Sit in a heart shaped tub with my new wife

    Maybe somewhere in the beautiful state of Pennsylvania

    We'll play the Newlywed game and we'll play a game called:

    What type of animal is your spouse?

    I'll be a peacock. I'll strut my stuff and show all my colors......

    After the honeymoon we'll buy a house in the country

    We'll have three daughters together and they will be

    beautiful girls inside and out.....

    My wife will teach them right from wrong and she will be the

    best Mother a husband could ask for....

    Our girls will grow up to be independent thinkers

    Leaders who will make a difference in the world.

    They will know the value of service to others

    They will love art, the elderly and education......

    They will have the freedom to be and express

    who they are spiritually, sexually and intellectually....

    They'll grow up to be great citizens and maybe one day

    they will be great mothers just like their mom.

    Maybe they'll also make me a Grandfather.

    They will also have the freedom to choose

    not to make me a grandparent.....

    In Heaven I will spend eternity with my wife

    We will live happily ever after.......

    In Heaven, I will have the presence of mind to know

    that while I'm on Earth, I can and do have all these things now!

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    Conveyed with both conviction and grace.


    • Bobby Del Boy
      Bobby Del Boy commented
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      Thanks Dwayne for being so generous with your time and praise! I appreciate you!

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    Bobby, your heaven is one I can believe in.


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      Lovely, lovely life. Such gift you've bestowed in this sharing! Thanks Bobby!


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        Thanks Grant, I love when I make you happy!


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          How wonderful Bobby Del Boy !! Have your daughters read and framed this and put up on the wall???


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            You are very fortunate and know it. Beautiful Bobby.


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              Suz-zen, I read to my oldest on Father's Day. She loved it and I will give all three of them a framed edition for gifts! They and you are dolls. Thank you a always for the generosity of your time.
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              • Suz-zen
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                Happy to hear that and thank you! My Father was not a poet but wrote me the best letters when I was away at college. I have saved them all and lovingly and longingly read them and touch the ink with love...

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              RhymeLovingWriter,thank you more poet friend! Always a pleasure!
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                AlexandratheLate, thank you as always for reading and commenting. Peace and love poet friend!


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                  That you are an exemplary human being shines through your poetry.


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                    lunar glide, your as sweet as candy! Thank you poet friend!


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                      Suz-zen,you are an extension of your dad's magnificence I'm sure!


                      • Suz-zen
                        Suz-zen commented
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                        Thanks Bobby, I like to think so. Reading MHenry's poem on the Mirror, I can see him sometimes when i look at myself... not in the actual mirror, but the metaphorical one. Very kind of you to say!

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                      Suz-zen, we have many mirrors to reflect our thoughts back to us. That's a beautiful thing!


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                        B. D. B the ocean is calling. I am no critic but i feel a haste and I feel you. Not to be bleak but all you want is to die before your children do. Cherish all that they know, all that you taught them. See them as flowers,flowers blooming. Pick them as memories. Arrange them as paintings, your brilliant creations. May they live forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!