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The Big Questions

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  • The Big Questions

    1. How was the Universe created?

    2. God as Primer Mover or Nothingness
    got tired of its Loneliness?

    No, unfortunately, there are much much worse
    Questions to gnaw the innards?

    3. How did God get here?

    OK, That’s Better.

    4. What exists outside of the Universe?
    Who owns that Ranchland?

    Now, We’re Cooking!

    5. What if there is no End to Anything, and
    the Universe goes on forever and forever?

    6. What if Consciousness invented the Space/
    Time fabric so we could have a place to dwell?

    I don’t like where this is going!

    8. What is Consciousness? Where is it located?

    You better get a drink for both of us. I can see that
    we’re gonna be here all night, or maybe longer.

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    Big questions indeed. Was the omission of #7 intentional or not?


    • #3
      Great dialectic in an interesting form, Tanner. I agree heartily with the sentiment in the last line.


      • #4
        I'm to sick to answer now but i'm looking forward


        • #5
          RLW, I'm still counting on my fingers. I've sent out a search party for Question 7. I'm sure he's hiding in the bushes nearby.