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The Misunderstanding Between Men and Women

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  • The Misunderstanding Between Men and Women

    Talk Soon, but guess I
    Misheard. Tail lights blur and gas
    Fumes for company.

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    Ah, 'talk soon' means so many things, Tanner: 'go away, please, but be nice about it', or 'please, please, talk to me now', or 'I'll get around to it maybe never', or even 'talk soon'. It sometimes means all of these at once.

    Quite apart from all that, there is a marvellous musicality in this haiku: the phonic links woven between guess and gas, misheard and blur, and soon and fumes are a delight to this reader.


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      Men from Mars/Women from Venus...illustrated with beautiful simplicity and wit! Masterful yet again, Tanner.


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        Tanner like a dagger i feel this... the unknown... the questions. the waiting.

        one i had in my coffers i will share with you now:

        explain this time soon
        i'd just as soon you say when
        i soon must leave you


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          Suz-zen, When push comes to shove, I believe women are the only ones left standing. Their command of non-verbal communication methods and emotional intelligence is truly pitting women
          against school boys who are unaware of their level of profound ignorance.


          • Suz-zen
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            I suppose in many cases you are right. I often wonder though if the emotional IQ (seemingly favoring women) versus the ego and that pesky, yet welcome testosterone, is not the key blocker to the key for unlocking 'profound ignorance'. Let's revisit your other astute Haiku... Universe is knocking... knock knock knock.... Joy and Love and Happiness is here....May I come in and stay awhile? or shall I go somewhere else? I will ya know. you had your chance you dumbo!
            Questions as old as time. Now I guess we can refer to questions in your other poem.... you see i pay attention!
            We can also go to grant hayes poem as we may need to borrow from God of the vines to pour as we all can talk well into the night to solve this one, eh?
            Seriously, 'soon' needs a qualifier without having to ask for one. And do ask!! only way to break bad habits.
            I am rambling...will close!

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          Sub-Zen, Nietzsche has an interesting quote where he says that the reason men and women are continually misunderstanding each other is because their emotions are expressed in a different tempo, A person who happens to live with me has voiced the opinion that men and women are not really suited to living together. They obviously may come together for sex et al but over the long
          haul....Nietzsche also said (excuse my bad paraphrasing) never choose to get involved with a woman/man with whom you could not have a 10 minute intelligent conversation over breakfast.
          Putting aside the sexual component, across the years I have found women to be much much more interesting to work with and relate to. I think unfortunately many men are flat earth
          creatures and want only primal needs satisfied - sex, hunger, shelter, sleep & self-involved distractions (sports on TV, video gaming et al). An interest in poetry for many men would be
          considered - dare I say it - a sissy sport. Enough of Tanner preaching!