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  • Tactile

    Fingers meet on the table
    Interlock and are able
    Your hand fits mine
    Fingers entwine

    Your lips give a tender kiss
    Mine respond cannot miss
    Tender promise we make
    Lips don't lie never fake

    You hold me I feel secure
    Enwrapped wanting more
    Envelopped feeling safe
    Provide home for this waif

    For my love I will adore
    My whole body shall be yours
    Show me love and affection
    Caressing a sweet confection

    I give to you everything
    Crave a touch makes me sing
    Fills my body with joy
    Not just as a sexual toy

    Touch me my love I promise
    Lips together souls kiss
    Bathe each other in a smile
    Worship me be tactile

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    Smolder, girl! With poems like this, the men will flock to you!


    • Madeline
      Madeline commented
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      I only want the one but I want the right one. After 23 years in a loveless marriage I want everything I missed.

    • MHenry
      MHenry commented
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      All 23 years without love? Ouch!

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    Love the last line.

    In fact, love it all.


    • Madeline
      Madeline commented
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      Thank you Dwayne

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    Madeline this is beautiful. I wish for you a happy ending filled with the love you deserve. This belongs at the top of the queue where you will gain the support and respect you desire.