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Maryland's Destructive Nature

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  • Maryland's Destructive Nature

    There have been blizzards
    that snowed a ton;
    when digging out
    was not much fun.

    And there were hurricanes
    with strong winds and rains,
    knocked down buildings
    and brought flooding pains.

    Tornadoes, too,
    have cut their swaths.
    Trails of destruction
    left in their paths.

    There've even been earthquakes,
    and though they were small
    they were still strong enough
    to crack some walls.

    Thunderstorms with lightning strikes,
    quarter-sized hail,
    and sheering wind gusts
    have added their woes to the tale.

    In Maryland, yes,
    there have been all of those.
    But, as of yet,
    no volcanoes.

    - Written after a tornado touched down last week about ten miles from where I live.

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    Just a suggestion, since a volcano is not a force of nature

    In Maryland, yes,
    we've had many of nature's disruptions
    But, as of yet
    no volcanic eruptions


    • Muttado1sb
      Muttado1sb commented
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      Um, a volcano is a force of nature, often considered a constructive force of nature. And I was going for a little zing at the end, which your suggestion dampens. Plus your second line is clunky (a technical term. ;-) So, thanks, MH, for what it is worth I'll stick with what I have.

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    Conditions changing everywhere. As it has been - so it will be.


    • Muttado1sb
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      Thanks for the reading and the comment, RLW.