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    This one isn't ironic.
    This one isn't even funny
    I did it for the contract,
    And I did it for the money.
    There's no real creativity,
    There's no mental scenery,
    No heartbreaking meaning for me.
    No deep truth or true beauty.
    No intelligent soliloquies.
    No "to be or not to be's"
    No underlining philosophy--
    No reason to even rhyme.

    I didn't even consider a message.
    Perhaps I'm just being excessive.
    This did not even need to be more--
    Then just a few meaningless sentences.

    I didn't crave this to be created.
    I wrote it out of obligation.

    I need less "fictional heroes,"
    And more "fractional zeros,"
    You know what I mean?
    I mean I want some cold hard cash.
    I mean this is just anther rehash.
    I mean I'm satisfying my greed.
    I mean I'm trying to feed--
    My ego.

    But maybe you'll still find meaning!
    Although your chances are swiftly depleting.
    Because there's nothing between the lines,
    Trust me, just read it one more time.

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    Very clever, Benjamin; such a poetic unpoem. I thought there may have been a wry reference to Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody in the first stanza's list of No's. But you are one No short. O mama mia, mama mia.

    Any way the wind blows


    • benjaminallentx
      benjaminallentx commented
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      Thank you, Grant. I worked quite hard on this one, honestly. The words were carefully chosen to form something completely arrogant and meaningless. Or is it?

    • grant hayes
      grant hayes commented
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      It's a deluxe piece of poetic excellence, Benjamin. The care you've taken is much appreciated.

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    So, I searched it out, Grant. (A little further behind the sevens) I started this particular poem in early March. So it's taken me that long for a fairly simple poem.


    • grant hayes
      grant hayes commented
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      The time taken, while a problem for the poet, is not an issue for the reader. I have taken ages to finish a poem at times, and the results are far less polished than yours here.

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    That outright invitation at the end though Benjamin...I like it.


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      A very clever poem disguised as a non-poem. At least, the poem and the poet attempt to persuade us (or do they) it is a non-poem, but we are not so easily convinced (or are we?). Enjoyable bj, and something a bit different.