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  • Missing You

    luscious words
    turned and tended
    by those befriended
    in this home of rhyme

    a thousand hours
    bear time too short
    to savor and absorb all
    wise and witty words
    which feed my soul,
    bearing beauty
    sweetened succor
    swiftly to my heart

    time away counts
    only loss of
    riches buried
    deeper than
    seconds left
    for excavation

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    I'll have four, eight, and a half dozen four-syllable lines please....

    It's great to read you again, Rhymist. Strawbale's loss is the Zone's gain! Welcome back


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      I'll have some of what he just had


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        Extraordinarily well wrought, RLW! The time away has enriched your poetic soul, as evidenced in these delightful lines (though the pile on your computer screen grew in your absence).


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          You have been missed and your poetic rhyming sorely needed. Great to read another one of your poems. More please!! :-)


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            Missing someone is really a sad part of a life and if you could express your feelings via poetry or sayings then probably it will reach to that person for whom it is written.

            It's really a heart touching.



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              And I was gonna write this one for you! Just kidding RLW! You have been missed and your writing. Welcome back RLW. Wonderful sentiment!


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                RhymeLovingWriter oh oh oh oh!!! my!!! love reading this as each word topples and tumbles over me from line to line!! you HAVE been missed.

                ~~~~sweetened succor
                swiftly to my heart~~~~

                succor is a sound/word that i have never been able to work into a poem, and now i have no need! This is perfect!!

                I treasure that last stanza

                thank you!


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                  welcome back RLW! 😊💐 A bouquet for your return!


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                    You all are too kind - and I wish I were back for good, but after a little while tonight I'll have about another week offline until I get back home to my regular routine. I was struck, after just a short while online the other night how much I'd missed and how much I am fed by this wonderful community after only a few short months getting to know you! You, your eloquent words, your heartfelt expression, truly make me smile, and think, and sometimes ache and cry - but always, always - reading your works blesses me. Thank you fellow poets! I'll be back soon.