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  • secrets in tomes

    run swift night
    sparklers reflect
    messengers of light
    frolicking chasing
    leading new life
    remembering well
    utterances of love
    you meant it
    no faltering
    among stacks of books
    nothing alters
    other people's lessons
    protecting hearths
    we two poetry authors
    of our own
    secrets in tomes
    fear never exists
    between or in us
    happily ever after in privacy
    outside influence corrupts
    courage a must
    end the verse
    sadness seeps
    Eros will peek
    next chapter open
    be still
    still naked in truth
    nowhere is middle
    unwritten be still
    until the next verse
    next chapter
    who returns
    who breathes
    when leaves turn

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    Oh wow - lovely lines Suz-zen I almost feel like waiting for the next line to be written...


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      Sumyanna Thank you so very much! That you like this means a lot to me. I actually have you to thank for this one. I have not written in short, succinct lines. This is by no means as good as your style or your ease with beauty or clear verse and imagery, but you did inspire me to try some thing new! Thank you for being muse, reading, commenting and praise!


      • Sumyanna
        Sumyanna commented
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        Wow - I truly am honored but I think you wrote them quite well. I felt the pain through the words - the desire to forget, and that denotes great poetry!

      • Suz-zen
        Suz-zen commented
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        thank you! It was an exercise in a stream of consciousness... I will re-work a bit and very well may add to it... thank you for the encouragement! in the same goal of short and sweet, i attempted the poetry # 6 as a haiku. Different!! Thanks for those prompts!

      • Sumyanna
        Sumyanna commented
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        You're welcome. I will keep them coming as long as everyone finds benefit in them :-)

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      What a wonderful ride down this cascade!


      • Suz-zen
        Suz-zen commented
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        My first ride.... thank you grant!!

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      This is wonderful Suz-zen, the pace, the images.


      • Suz-zen
        Suz-zen commented
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        Thanks so much ATL!! This was not an easy one for me. I honor your praise.

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      Hi, Suz-zen, I love the first few lines and many other of the pithy, witty short shots down the road of this self-reflective longing poem!


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        Thanks so much MH! I like the first part of my poem better than the middle...i like the ending....was it grant or tanner that was to write a poem with your comments? You are so good!
        Attention: grant hayes and Tanner i rather like:
        ~ pithy, witty short shots down the road~
        Can you work that in?

        I appreciate as always your kind and geberous appraisal! Makes my rough day a good one! many thanks!!


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          Beautiful work Suz-zen. My favorite (among many parts) is 'fear never exists between us or in us'. Simply wonderful!


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            Hi RhymeLovingWriter Good to see you! Have missed you... There are a few rhymes and slant rhymes here, almost hidden!! and I thought of you.
            thank you for reading and for the kind post. that line was written as a sort of affirmation of a possibility... hopeful.... thank you for mentioning that one! Truly appreciate.