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Second Childhood (inspired by John Wertz)

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  • Second Childhood (inspired by John Wertz)

    There are blessings
    and curses
    in this,
    my second childhood,
    the first,
    languished to surrender,
    to this,
    war of attrition,
    trepidatious admission,
    that time, a weathered friend,
    has since, conspired mysteries
    lurking round the bend.
    And tomorrow,
    in yesteryear,
    spoken like
    bits of sun,
    destined to kiss,
    now burns
    like bile upon my lips.
    Last edited by DWAYNE; 06-13-2016, 07:34 AM.

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    Dwayne, so glad something I mentioned could inspire this excellent piece. Your syntax and word choice, as always, drives home your ideas, -- in this case the contradictions of life felt in the opposites "And tomorrow, in yesteryear," I feel I should go for more of that kind of thing in my own stuff.


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      This is pure Dwaynartistical. Saying so much with so few words in a signature style, graceful, pithy, witty, with a bit of mystery thrown in!


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        I agree with the comments Dwayne - your poems are always in you signature style with insight, mystery and I look forward to the subjects you choose.