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Nation’s Damnable Blight

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  • Nation’s Damnable Blight

    Black slender man, bent twig on the branch of a slave’s family tree,
    Planted in white culture during infamous time of our history,
    From seed transported in the belly of those infernal slave ships.
    Bitter tears flowing from his eyes; angry words pouring from his lips.

    Spent by long days in fields under hot skies of one hundred degrees,
    Living in substandard shacks: wife and babes bearing winter’s freeze.
    Broken panes breach for frigid wind; shabby roofs sieve for cold raindrops,
    Family worked from sun up to dark to reap the precious crop.

    Truth is, most were prisoners of the system evil men devised.
    Many struggling to be free from what politicians camouflaged.
    Wisdom overrules such folly and the proverb is most profound;
    Holding one down makes holder as much a captive as one held down.

    This nation, “land of the brave and free”, held out freedom’s lamp to all,
    Went out one ominous night and over “liberty’s lamp” threw a pall.
    Had wiser men with hearts of love been ruled by God’s Divine Light,
    Black and white would have been spared this great nation’s damnable blight.

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    the first and second stanzas are so moving and the last two are so true. and the whole poem is so important!