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Love at first light

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  • Love at first light

    One day I will find my soulmate
    Eyes meet connection on a date
    But the time I will know its right
    My love at first light

    In the morn when I awake
    I see beauty my soul shakes
    Affection felt reaches its height
    My love at first light

    Sleepy eyes and morning hair
    True beauty can but stare
    For her the world i'll fight
    My love at first light

    After this I get up go to work
    Duties done so get home not shirk
    None compete until the night
    And I see her beauty at last light

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    there is more and more to your poetry each one I read!


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      Thank you I try to do different things


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        I can see that! you have a very unique voice. I really enjoy it. it is charming and honesthonest


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          whoops sorry autocorrect


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            That is true, lunar glide! Pp wears his heart on his sleeve and he has many stories to tell. Some humorous, some serious, but always saying something of worth. Nice, Pp. Looks like your protagonist has a win this time!


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              Nicely done Pp. You express the depth of your feelings well.


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                This was 75% written 5 months ago before I broke up with my girlfriend. Not finished at the time because I had some doubts about the relationship and was unsure of the reality of this. Completed now as a reminder to myself how strongly I feelt. I have dated since and have resisted the temptation to start a relationship with a ladies I like but not enough. I want to feel the passion and the love.