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All the houses

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  • AlexandratheLate
    Tragic reality woven with such gentle power and such image of colors!!

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  • grant hayes
    Kaleidoscopically intense, the second.

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  • MHenry
    Tragically poignant, The second. A powerful plaint!

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  • The second
    thank you for the read

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    Nothing can keep us from the undertaker.

    Date unknown. Great write.

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  • Bobby Del Boy
    Innocence lost at such a cost. Life is still complicated. This is great!

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  • Parkinsonspoet
    That will remain in the house of my mind for a long time

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  • The second
    started a topic All the houses

    All the houses


    Nowhere to go darling except maybe my brain
    Seems you been lost baby after leaving the train
    Pickled punk searching for junk
    Ink and stink covered in spunk

    Reality see-- isn’t this small ball of blue
    Real is the feel when you don’t have a clue
    Real is the deal that you’ll be dead before two

    Crawl and crawl and crawl all the days of your life
    Open those eyes
    Every day is the night

    She started to love me in the middle of February just when everything starts to get fresh.
    The nights reveal they're coming of day. Lovers pretend, lovers pretend
    One will hold another, not the scarce sign of fright
    Eternal damnation is taught.

    Slaughter is pregnant with the human hand
    Come one come all to the birthday of death
    We will all touch each other again in the end

    The flowers I sent you are not like the flowers I gave you
    The confusion that paints me is not the chaos of your world and shouldn’t be the ending of my day.
    I missed the solstice by a matter of the rain

    Paper is not a sheet that covers me. It’s a blanket that smothers me, a harness of lies which is nailed to me.
    My cross I’m impaled to thee. Once found you can’t be free.

    Remember when we were little children? We choked on mystery and behaving like nature
    We believed in the wind and that it would blow away the truth.
    We believed in the grass and that it would hide our youth.

    Nothing can keep us from being slain
    Yet we remain
    In all the houses