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  • Temptress


    Teasing Exotic
    Maidenly Passion
    Tempting Radient
    Erotic Smouldering

    Teasng and flirting she knows her power
    Glimpseof leg imagine her flower
    Beckoned by a knowing smile
    Taunted by her maidens guile

    Everyman her potential victim
    Hopes erotic chances slim
    Possiblities stoke your fire
    She feeds on your budding desire

    Mistress of controlseems to promise
    Swing of her hips for your JohnThomas
    Every movement for reaction
    Whole purpose fatal attraction

    Promies made by her illusion
    Prompt maximum sexual confusion
    Watching her devur a banana
    Somehow promises you manana

    Taunted now as she licksher fingers
    Trouserly discomfort continues to linger
    She seems to have you by remote control
    Set to standby cannot enrol

    Rapture felt as she touches your hand
    Seems to notice your wedding band
    Yet body against youas she brushes by
    Raises your heartbeat do you wonder why

    Eye contact made as she seems to wink
    Still a chace you start to think
    Her lips sem to promise a night time of bliss
    Lost in the moment you dream of a kiss

    Starting to sweat heart beat gets faster
    Excitement in trousers has become your master
    Started to believe the look in her eyes
    Promises mutual wanting between her thighs

    Struts towards you but sidesteps as you greet
    Over your shoulder its wife that she meets
    Pleasure for you has just become remote
    Marital sex referendum wife vetos not vote
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    hahaaahaa this is great!


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      thank you that is very kind

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    If you like this one maybe you should see 51 Shades of Grey


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      I will check it out lol


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        HI, Pp, This is an erotic, sensual ballad with an unrequited ending. Perhaps, just a little stain for the laundry basket and new hope for tomorrow. Well written and very enjoyable, best read with loose trousers.


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          MHenry a trbute to the power of women-in sexual politics men usually are second best