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My '53 Chevy

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  • My '53 Chevy

    I can remember in much different times,

    gas was not more than a couple of dimes.

    I could cruise Main for a dollar or so,

    my girl sittin' close and I was her beau.

    Music was blasting out of my dash,

    not really worried about my lack of cash.

    Life was a blast just drivin' around,

    up to one end then back to downtown.

    My arm around her - one hand on the wheel,

    first base back then and quite a big deal.

    Summers were best with all windows down,

    greeting our friends spread out around town.

    That girl was a babe but it didn't last,

    she's now just a part of my distant past.

    Wondering some if her memories are heavy,

    with time that we spent in my '53 Chevy?