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I don't call it Poetry

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  • I don't call it Poetry

    I don't call it Poetry -

    rather it's just Rhyme.

    It's something that I like to do -

    when I have the time.

    My hope is that I don't offend -

    those who know the art.

    If by rules I had to play -

    I'd not know where to start.

    Beginning while in Army green -

    to take my mind away.

    From days I hated way back then -

    and still do to this day.

    But then I stopped and don't know why -

    then started new to write.

    Encouraged by some folks I met -

    right upon this site.

    It's like a puzzle that I see -

    with words a scattered there.

    Placed into a melody -

    that comes out of thin air.

    I'm grateful for this site, it's true -

    as it is a place.

    Where I post my little Rhymes -

    at my novice pace.

    I also hope it keeps at bay -

    in older folks occurs.

    By writing Rhymes of different stuff -

    I don't get Alzheimer's.

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    Your thin air is full of a lot of good stuff, though.


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      Oh, I do love it - call it whatever you want. So glad someone encouraged you - we would have been at a loss otherwise.


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        Very nice - thank you.