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Screaming from The Rooftop

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  • Screaming from The Rooftop

    Screaming from my rooftop for everyone to hear

    Yelling all my problems, loud and clear

    My personal therapy I am not holding back

    Letting of all the feelings which I pack

    Yelling about my boyfriend, yelling about my neighbors

    ​​​​​​The odd things they ask , all their worthless favors

    The feeling in my heart which have tied me in a knot

    Yelling everyone every problem that I've got

    Cause I want them to pity me, know that I'm not perfect

    I want them all to know that I think I am not worth it

    They give me crazy looks like I have gone mad

    I start to think my idea to do this was bad....

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    Nothing wrong with screaming from the rooftops, Poetry Bree!
    The rhymes work and the emotion is there.
    So, good on ya!


    • PoetryBree
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      I promise I'm not a psychopath. The truth behind this is j was reading old journals and my grandma wrote about a neighbor screaming on her roof! I thought it would make for quite an interesting poem.

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    I liked this poetry Bree - sing it from the roof tops or in this case yell it out!


    • PoetryBree
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      Haha. Thanks.