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Easter Bunny - The Untold Rhyme

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  • Easter Bunny - The Untold Rhyme

    Met the Easter Bunny at the mall.

    End of story? Not at all.

    The interview went well – I got the scoop,

    Assuredly not one for all of the group.

    He contracts the eggs, baskets, and such,

    Not a single one does he actually touch.

    Never tied down like Santa all year,

    No Misses, elves, or tiny reindeer.

    Has time for surfing, sunning, drinks with a fan,

    Can dance and sing – all part of the plan.

    Has tail's up with all of the bunnies,

    His name alone – more valuable than monies.

    Has the best job in the world – that’s perfectly clear,

    Works just one day then party all year.