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  • Griots Roll

    Tis no less a lie,
    posited misapprehension,
    tongues twisted by the telling.
    For mendacity
    portends an empire's rot.
    Tis now the time for placards
    phrased with "truths"
    both bought
    and sold
    while erstwhile griots roll
    to murmur where they
    ought be resting?
    And Gabriel?
    His embouchure,
    to warming.

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    I was intrigued by the unfamiliar term griot, and looked it up, and my, what a great word it is. And, of course, I immediately associated it with what you do here, Dwayne.

    In this poem, as in so many others, you are the griot. I love the way it sounds, and the august tone is completely authentic, as only you can make it. I love both the allusion and the suspense of the ending, with the trumpet poised.


    • AlexandratheLate
      AlexandratheLate commented
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      I was also intrigued by griot and also looked it up -- his embouchure -- how I remember my music teacher after me to tighten it up when I played the clarinet - I loved how you presented this Dwayne as only you can do. Wonderful!!

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    Hi, Dwayne,

    This is bit more enigmatic than your usual admonitions, and notable for the fact you have sent grant, Alexandra, and I to the dictionary (well, I go a lot... bathroom, too).
    Still, it is clearly Dwaynistic and well crafted, as usual!


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      I go to the dictionary a time or two, and it is usually Mr. Hayes, who sends me there.

      I first learned the term griot, as a sophomore in high school, while I was reading ROOTS, by Alex Haley.

      It has stuck with me. America, a people who know so little about their history, juxtaposed with those who take such pains to have it recorded and recited.

      For those of you who have not read the book, and wish to, I will not spoil it for you.

      However, I will say this, the importance of preserving ones history is profoundly stated within the text.

      Glad you liked the poem. Something within me, compels me to write them.

      Perhaps there is a griot somewhere on the branches of my family tree, way up high, in places unbeknownst to me!


      • imrogue
        imrogue commented
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        The poem is great! I am glad to know I am not the only one using the dictionary...I frequented it lately...😀
        and the ROOTS by Alex Haley's awesome... though I never read the book, I watched the movie. Watched it more than once too!