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  • Broken Glass

    At twilight
    While distracted
    Shards of broken glass
    Briefly catch your eye
    With their random glints of colour

    So too your life
    In the presence of metallic objects
    Reflects many jagged fragments
    Blurred moments
    You barely remember
    In the company of others

    Alone at night
    You feel strangely suffocated
    Walls crushing in
    Trapped in a bloody car wreck
    From which you feel the Jaws of Life
    Will not extract
    Your torso

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    From mere distraction by random glints of colour to .... horror. This poem speaks to me powerfully of how all those nearly forgotten 'jagged fragments' of life crowd in when one is 'alone at night'. I have even felt it as a car wreck, just like this. For me, it is very true to life.


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      I agree with Grant Hayes- very beautiful but in such a twisted way that it seems almost scary. Nice lines by the way, awesome wording. I've enjoyed all your poems so far ^_^


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        As a teenager driving in a rainstorm around a bend I lost control of a van and plummeted down an embankment; the vehicle looked like a crushed beer can. for some reason
        while careening down the gulley I thought it best to lay down on the seat. I think this spur of the moment act saved my life.


        • grant hayes
          grant hayes commented
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          I think you are right. A friend of mine went through exactly the same kind of accident and walked away unscathed. In her case, she was undergoing an acute psychotic episode, which both precipitated the accident and (apparently) facilitated her survival. The bizarre visions she was having guided her out of the wreck and up the 50 metre embankment in the pitch dark; as she wandered along the roadside a passing truck driver picked her up and took her to the nearest hospital, bless him. Strange but true.

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        GH and OWA, thank you for your comments. OWA, thank you for your comments about my poems. I feel a bit disjointed lately, that I am writing poems that I am not sure who is authoring
        them and more lyrical poems that I better recognize. I am feeling that I am giving birth to many poems that I don't actually understand where they have come from. I want to welcome these
        strangers but am sometimes wary of where they are leading me...OWA, love you appellation!!!!!


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          This is a psychological thriller, Tanner. Out of your wheelhouse? Not anymore! Bravo! Well done!