Am I the norm - or strange as hell - I'd really like to know,

I'm 70 - and must admit - I still love Rock 'n' Roll!

Not stingy on the volume - I crank it to the top,

these songs will be a part of me most likely 'til I drop.

I like the Oldies - that's for sure - but new ones just as well,

I know the words for some and sing - for others I can't tell.

Been married quite a while it seems - just passing 49,

our taste in music - all these years - just does not align.

So sadly I must tell you - I have to Rock alone,

a fact of life that's not so bad - I really don't bemoan.

But here and now I do confess and ask you not to tattle,

when I am one - within my car - I make the windows rattle.