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  • Fly Away

    Fly away
    Far From Strife
    Far From the knife
    do not get cut deep
    The night is yours to keep
    Fly away from all the danger
    Leave this mysterious stranger
    The night has come so make it your own
    When morning comes you feel like you've flown
    Your fears have now become outgrown
    You fly freely, not a care
    Wings spread wide, not a tear
    You feel you're freedom
    Which came at cost
    For many lives
    Which were

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    A beautiful Nonet-Reverse Nonet, Poetry Bree. O' the wings on which I would fly, if only I had wings.


    • PoetryBree
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      Thanks! I never even realized it was a nonet/reverse nonet!

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    Great stuff, Bree; you've clearly taken a lot of care in the construction of this double nonet. That is quite a challenge. I notice night features in the upper half and day in the lower. You've made it rhyme in an interesting way, too. I salute!


    • PoetryBree
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      Thanks. In all honesty, I have no idea how this poem came about. I was sitting in my bead when words began to flow into my head! I didn't even. Notice it was a nonet or anything! And after the first two lines in the second paragraph it all just flowed again!