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Sex all Night or Good Night's Sleep?

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  • Sex all Night or Good Night's Sleep?

    Sex all Night or Good Night’s Sleep?
    Erotic Bliss or Counting Sheep?
    What you sow is what you reap,
    your answer here but not too deep.
    The honesty I’m sure we’ll keep,
    perhaps we laugh – perhaps we weep?

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    I highly enjoyed this, Bob! I am a firm believer in the therapeutics of a "Good Night's Sleep" and that is where I am heading right now.


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      Wasn't sure about posting this one - still getting my "R Legs" when it comes to this forum. Thank you for your comment.


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        HAHA! BobGrantKC a fun romp!!
        Really like !! thanks for posting!


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          really nice poem, lol, many thanks to the author! I'd definitely prefer sex all night to good night's sleep, lol. I'm a dedicated fan of sex. However, I had some problems with my husband. Just one thing was able to help us to brighten our sex life. It was delicia that helped us the most. We've ordered some lubricants, aroma candles and sex toys. Great quality, nice price and fast delivery! We appreciated this sex shop.
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