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  • Miss Apocalips

    Creates excitement just with a sway of hips
    Legendary temptress Miss Apocallips
    Controls men and writes their scripts
    Using a body that could launch ships

    As she approached her tops slips
    Garnished with sexuality that just drips
    As she taunts and teases Jealousy grips
    Lengendary Pandora Miss Apocalips

    Men are like putty to her fingertips
    She can be kinky and play with whips
    Spontanieously busting sone men zips
    Sexual Dynamite Miss Apocalips

    Her clothes from her body she incites them to rip
    Her sweet honey nectare they will have a sip
    Their freedom conceded theirs wings she clips
    Slaves of chaos goddess Miss Apocalips

    She brings darkness like an eclipse
    A body made for sin devil equips
    Who can resist as she starts to strip
    Evil intentions of Miss Apocalips

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    Pretty steamy stuff here Parkinsonspoet! Have you been hanging around with MHenry? I do like the word play in the title against the action (no smart remarks now) of the poem.


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      Very funny and ribald, Pp!


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        Thank you both. Was thinking about the havoc caused by sexual poliyics often our greatest confusion