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  • Devil's Quota

    at first conceived
    that men should shrug
    the yoke of monarchy,
    and, hence within the
    restless womb nursed,
    as one so prized o'er bondage,
    that wager life
    to forfeit in its seeking.

    Yet now,
    lies in breach,
    the iron maiden,
    her stifled offering,
    too often rendered still.

    That men,
    through misdeeds
    and misadventure,
    find lodging
    in abominable beds,
    and neither pardon,
    nor numerous seasons passing,
    earn compassion's
    gentle hand.

    While the "statesman"
    joins the speculator,
    to glean margins
    for crimes and misdemeanours,
    mindless of correction,
    mindful of the coffers filled,
    from a Devil's quota.


    I recently learned, that one of America's leading private prison corporations, has offered to privatize correctional institutions in a number of states, with the stipulation, that, the states ensure that prison occupancy will be, at least, 90%, regardless of crime rate.

    4 states have accepted the offer.

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    Sad, sad state of affairs. You wrote that statistic into one helluva poem though Dwayne.


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      That's the same kind of quota system Stalin had for filling gulags. Ah, but it's a private prison corporation filling the quotas, so it's okay. No dirty socialism; thumbs up.


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        This won't be a problem in California, where we throw busloads of recidivists back on the killing streets regularly due to chronic overcrowding. The crime business does not lack for customers, and the variety of crimes from which to choose is abundant.


        • RhymeLovingWriter
          RhymeLovingWriter commented
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          This also is a sad state of affairs.

        • DWAYNE
          DWAYNE commented
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          It seems we cannot get this right!
          Bar the gates.
          Throw them wide open.

          While there are certainly those whose crimes are so heinous, that they have forfeited their right to dwell among us.

          However, there definitely ought not be incentive to increase incarceration, and stop using Draconian sentencing provisions.
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        your words could be key that opens better doors! 😀


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          Our insightful poet bringing light to sad state of affairs. Your poems are appreciated and always with words of wisdom.