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  • Bad Poetry

    Bad poetry
    is easier
    with simile
    and metaphor
    forcing their way
    into the fray
    Bad verse averse

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    Yikes! I am guilty of such! 😬😬😬


    • Muttado1sb
      Muttado1sb commented
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      I don't think so. Thanks, imrogue.

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    Love your lines. I remember my beginnings 😁


    • Muttado1sb
      Muttado1sb commented
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      Thank you. There were at least two other poems with this name, and my worst poems are where I try to force the metaphor, so the idea just came together and spilled out. I'm not sure what you mean about your beginnings, but they gave me this (not based on anything but your words, the rest just followed):

      I remember
      my beginnings
      Late September
      between innings
      Under bleachers
      unseen teachers
      Made hay, my way

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    Oh, I meant my beginnings as when I was first learning to write. You grow and you learn more over time, often by making mistakes. I love what you came up with by the way!


    • Muttado1sb
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      Thank you, grant.

    • Sumyanna
      Sumyanna commented
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      You are not alone Muttado1sb - If I get started in rhyme then I absolutely cannot write free verse and moving from free verse to rhyme is also a bit difficult (but not as bad). Even my yelling at the kids rhymed at some points :-)

    • MHenry
      MHenry commented
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      Like what, Sumyanna?

      You little bastard!
      You left out the mustard!

      What did I tell you?
      I don't want to smell you!

      Don't wave that fart at me!
      You really startled me!

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    You are on the right track MHenry. Not kidding. It is a accidental and hilarious 😁