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    Four syllables
    is all it takes
    for gullibles
    to lose their stakes
    Betting with rhyme
    is not a crime
    So, yup. Pay up

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    Haha! Spitting 'em out like broken teeth!

    Double or naught

    Free verse works, too
    Don't have to rhyme
    Words are still few
    Just as sublime
    So, stack your chips
    And smack your lips
    Your buck, my luck!


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      Hmm, seems like this form, because of its brevity, makes it easy to play off each other's poems in continuation or as counterpoint. Another point in its favor. Thanks, MH.


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        I have actually used this before (or should I say that my daughter has). She had to write a poem in response to a famous poem (The Mending Wall) and she purposefully chose to respond as the neighbor in the poem but in a completely different style to show how different their personalities are. I think that sometimes they can play off one another quite well. You both did a fabulous job!

        I wonder what it would be like to write a conversational poem between two characters where one writes in rhyme and the other does not. I wonder how you would make their personalities fit those forms. Interesting...


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          And yet you said
          you loved me once
          the tears, the pain
          what have I done?
          To choose to trust
          yet still swallow
          your lies, your lies
          I've come undone.

          I loved you once
          but time does change
          time did change me
          I have grown old
          in your presence
          and love is swept
          like daylight dust
          away, away!

          And yet you said
          you loved me once
          my heart that beats
          shattered fragments
          blown to the wind
          in sorrows grip
          I lie alone
          you walk away.


          But love was lost
          and at what cost
          for though in love
          he could not shove
          his thoughts away.

          His beauty wept
          she barely slept
          the passing hours
          her love then sours
          he yearns to stray.

          He says goodbye
          though she did try
          her love is gone
          his love is drawn
          he found new prey.

          Had to try :-)
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          • Muttado1sb
            Muttado1sb commented
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            Very well done! It seems more the thoughts of each than a conversation, but the points of view are clear. I love how the scene is set in each frame, balanced in both sets, then the shift for point of view. And the contrast of the free verse with the rhyme. I enjoyed this very much.

          • Sumyanna
            Sumyanna commented
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            I did not set out to do that one yet :-) This was just an attempt at the four syllables. I am still pondering that one - perhaps in longer form than four syllables, I think. Thank you highly Muttado1sb.

          • Muttado1sb
            Muttado1sb commented
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            Well it still worked that way for me. :-)

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          I thought I posted on this, Sumyanna. These are beautiful!


          • Sumyanna
            Sumyanna commented
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            Thank you. I had to try - it looked like fun.

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          Top work, Muttado, MHenry, and Sumyanna.


          • MHenry
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            Muttado1sb, I sent you a private message, but I don't think you got it. Did you?

          • Muttado1sb
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            I thought I had replied, MH. I'll check after I get home.

          • MHenry
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            My PM box was full, so I probably didn't get it for that reason.

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          Really enjoying this entire thread - and process. You ALL rock!