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From crush and sea (Ha'sonnet?)

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  • From crush and sea (Ha'sonnet?)

    Last edited by grant hayes; 12-20-2017, 07:03 PM.

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    It's a thinking man's Ha'Sonnet! The undeniably sole province of the sole possessor of the grantian intellect!
    No one else can do this! It is magnificent in its enigma!


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      I have to work on rhyming next. I think you need an MHenry/Rhymist mindset to nail this form. It's a challenge for this sorcerors' apprentice. I think I will go for the uncanny/spooky angle


      • RhymeLovingWriter
        RhymeLovingWriter commented
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        Brilliance here!

      • Muttado1sb
        Muttado1sb commented
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        Thank you, MHenry, but I have to thank grant. It was his poem I used. If it were just mine it would be about cats. :-)

      • MHenry
        MHenry commented
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        The muse comes in many forms Muttado1sb.

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      Do not be fooled by the easy grace with which some have woven these Ha'Sonnets. Four syllables to a line is a mighty challenge to meter and rhyme with wit and charm, and the Muse may tire of the challenge after the gift of a few easy ones.


      • grant hayes
        grant hayes commented
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        Look at what Muttado just came up with ^

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      Hmmmm, that is the case with every poem I extrude, MHenry. It always feels like the last.


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        I do love this. I have never heard of this form before. Love what you did with it - it is not easy...


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          MHenry and I invented it within the last day or so on one of Suz-zen's comment threads.

          I had been sharing poems with a four syllable line, and MHenry took to them. We discussed making it an actual form. I came up with the syllables and line count, MHenry with the volta, the name, and the first true examples. We agreed that rhyme should be optional. Since then, others - including your good self - have taken to the form like the proverbial ducks to water. It is a delight to see.


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            I am a fan!!! Love this new creative form. :-)


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              I like how you and others have tried it out and made it live, Alexandra. A genuine RhymeZone innovation!