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Man and Bird: A Fable

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  • MHenry
    I read this bird as the power of thought confined in a Neanderthalish brain, only to finally find its freedom, thus accounting for the lack of thought in present day man.

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  • grant hayes
    And what a fabulous fable it is. What was that bird? I now remember I am searching too.

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  • Tanner
    started a topic Man and Bird: A Fable

    Man and Bird: A Fable

    Thought first appeared
    As a colourful bird of variegated beauty
    In the head of prehistoric man
    Who kept it sheltered
    In that small darkened room

    The bird was most unhappy
    With this arrangement
    Flapped and scawed scawed loudly
    Beatings its wings
    Against the bars of the cage

    Early Man was quite bewildered
    Unsure of what to do
    He let it fly around
    The bird exasperated
    By its dark habitat and lack of freedom
    Opened the cage door miraculously
    And flew away

    Since that apocryphal event
    Man has been searching
    Amid a sparse trail of feathers
    For his avian acquaintance from long ago