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A Paimting and a Poem

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  • A Paimting and a Poem

    This painting was supposed to be a full bloom blossom tree and the instructor said "ok, fill it in now" and I said "nah, I like it just the way it is"

    The Stubborn Trees

    The stubborn trees won't shed their leaves
    even in the strongest autumn breeze
    All year long they aim to please
    fighting hard against a drop in degrees

    Every moment committed to seize
    those moments when we feel very much at ease
    Their strength and beauty brings us to our knees

    Every year there are no guarantees they won't succumb
    to old age and disease
    Just like us they need a hug and a squeeze
    who will keep them warm when the temps start to freeze

    They welcome their friends the birds and the bees
    giving them food-providing for their needs
    All year long the stubborn tree breeds
    selflessly planting seeds-multiplying their good deeds

    Last edited by Bobby Del Boy; 05-24-2016, 04:06 PM.

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    Tip of the hat my poet friend! Kudos on both! On a sour note: ( a slight typo on the title me thinks)


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      You are correct Graydon, and after years here I still can't figure out how to edit the Title, and I believe I'm not alone. Thanks for stopping by....


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        Another wonderful pairing Bobby! Did you finish the poem first, or the painting? Just beautiful!


        • Bobby Del Boy
          Bobby Del Boy commented
          Editing a comment
          RLW, poem first. I feel like the Trees match up well as the prompt. Thanks for stopping by as always.

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        I've seen these trees, or similar. The leaves didn't drop but turned white. The first time I saw one it was back in a bit, behind the trees that did drop their leaves, so it became a ghost tree to me. Very nice.


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          Your artwork is spectacular, BDB! I would seriously be proud to own and display both pieces in my living room!
          The colors are magnificent and so is the composition.
          Oh, you absolutely made the right decision to leave (no pun intended) the painting as is.


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            Muttado and MH, thanks for reading and commenting and for being Tree Huggers!


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              Oh I love this and I love the painting. I am also trying to learn how to paint, but have just started :-) You did a lovely job in both image and verse.