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  • Behave

    "Nicole behave yourself,
    Have you burst at your seams?
    the fact you refuse to ever listen can be
    Such a pitiful thing-
    at night I lie in bed awake thinking
    Of the things I could ever make
    But because of you I never have the best
    Parts to build them-
    Nicole I always wonder why
    You fancy yourself a better make than I
    Could ever build or create
    For you even refuse to love and hate-
    I just wish to be like you; that certain someone
    Who isn't really human, before I start to
    Regret what I've done
    Regret what I've done...
    Nicole I try so hard to become a better me,
    I think it's finally time for me to come clean
    Of how I would love you more if you were dead,
    I'd even make the most of it-
    i wish I was like you: so alive,
    Never fearing of any boys goodbyes-
    I wish to tell you but you'll never listen.
    I try so hard not to lose my faith in you,
    Ive seen you all though- To be you I'd even sail across the entire ocean:
    I get so scared of what I'll end up like in the end
    For unlike you I will never be prepared-
    I hope that you'll get the chance to read this when I'm done,
    Since you'll never listen-
    Before I do something to you and regret it all
    Regret it all~"
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    This is a fascinating perspective, Nicole. It's enigmatic, powerfully imagined, and compelling. Great write.


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      Wow! Nicole is one bad bitch, but she should be scared of the poet!


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        Ha ha thanks for the feedback! ^_~


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          I've read and re-read Behave by you, Wingless, and I have to say I can relate to the jealous feel of this one. Great wording and sentences add up to a truly fantastic poem.