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  • Love Unrequited

    In anguish, my hands wrap around the shaft
    Of the arrow lodged deep within my heart.
    I wrest, wrench and wring it until the draft
    Gives way and frees my bosom of the dart.
    Free too is the red tide which now flows aft
    From the wound and with it my dreams depart.
    By storms scattered and hither-thither borne-
    I ache, dear Reader, I beg leave to mourn.

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    the depth of feeling is conveyed.


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    Well this is a soulful write - I feel a need to mourn alongside - effective verse Raoul!


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    Deep emotional write! i like it!


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    How many times have I seen someone wrest an arrow from their chest in the movies? Yet ne'er have I seen it poem!
    Well done Raoul!


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    Raoul D'Harmental
    Full Member
    Raoul D'Harmental your title of course was a hook for me... then as i began to read i could see the torment! when I read poetry i hear a voice after the first few lines... ... here was Errol Flynn standing tall... in the end... weeping.


    • Raoul D'Harmental
      Raoul D'Harmental
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      Raoul D'Harmental commented
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      Hi Suz-zen. I am honoured by your huge compliment. Thankfully, this tells of a time which belongs to my past so I am long done mourning now!