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  • Dads Dilemma

    There came that fateful day
    When daughters boyfriend came to stay
    Adult in age at18
    I would soon know what that means

    I awake in early morn
    To noises I am torn
    should i bang upon the wall
    or just try and ignore it all

    I should not have the choice
    To hear my daughters voice
    Making noises yelps and screams
    Intimate noises of her dreams

    I bury my head in the pillow
    Should i stops or just allow
    Their bed is now creaking
    My god the furniture will be breaking

    AsI cringe and in my dilemma
    Hearing my mobile tremor
    Dad are you awake does taunt
    With her message she does flaunt

    Then a second message sent
    Dad it s huge it did torment
    Dad please help with the spider
    Long legs quite a strider

    As I entered into her room
    Carrying long handled broom
    Saw them bounce on the bed
    Trying to knock down spider above heads

    Relieved i gave such a laugh
    Told them in the aftermath
    Of the impresion they did show
    After threw spider from window

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    Every parent's nightmare...another great build-up with turn Pp. You are good at this.


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      Yes, well done, Pp, you have successfully employed what grant calls the Henrician turn!


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        Oh gods, I cringed at your situation here, Parkinsonspoet. And then you accomplished a triple-pike Henrician turn! Hahahaha, great write!


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          I could feel your anxiety and then relief. Great job!!


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            hahaa nice ending


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              Three daughters, three spiders, 3x the fun!


              • Parkinsonspoet
                Parkinsonspoet commented
                Editing a comment
                Believe me my daughters have offered everytype of fun imaginable.It is no coincidence that I previously posted a poem called Daughters of the Apocalypse

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              Tank you all-believe me the Henricean is not a turn to take lightly it had me very dizzy