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  • Another Wartime Memories

    A quick glimpse of him
    As we passed each other...
    To the barracks ...
    questions to be answered.
    He was tied, no sense to fight.
    My head remained lowered
    no words must be uttered.
    They must not know
    That he was my father!

    With arms hoisted up with chains,
    Repeatedly battered and whipped
    “Why can’t they not be satisfied,
    to the answers I provide?”
    Few more grueling days, I stayed
    Before they lead me away.

    Upon my return...
    Father, my dear...
    never made it home.
    He was taken to sea,
    Limbs bound to weights
    that planted him below...
    never to surface again
    to see the light of day.

    His memory,
    I held close to my heart.
    Remembering good old days
    Together we spent.
    In his absence,
    I promised to hold his fort
    Keeping my kin safe...
    as he would have done
    lovingly so..

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    What a story imrogue! Strong and heart-breaking.


    • imrogue
      imrogue commented
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      Thanks RlW for reading and for your comments. This was my father's last memory of my grandfather. My grandfather was the town mayor when Japs invaded them. They must have sensed resistance that lead him to his demise...There was also a Catholic Bishop who also had the same fate...
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    Wow, this is a tragedy of Shakespearean proportions! Well told imrogue! Where does this come from?


    • imrogue
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      Wow! I am honored MHenry. Thank you soo much!

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    A strong tale, told with simple eloquence. This is top drawer stuff, imrogue!


    • imrogue
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      Thank you Grant! I am humbled by your compliments!

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    Oh, you have got to be kidding. Your poem touched me and then come to find out it is a true story. Oh, the horror. What a beautiful story and I feel blessed that you share this with us.


    • imrogue
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      Thanks for reading Sumyanna! Yes, unfortunately true story... my grandfather's body was never found and my dad was the eldest..16 yo at that time with 7 siblings and the youngest was only 5 yo... It was a horrible fate my grandfather had...he was placed in a sack! 😔

    • MHenry
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      May I ask what town this was, imrogue?

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    MHenry it is the town of Calapan, Province of Or. Mindoro, Philippines


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      i'm speechless. thank you for sharing this


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        Eloquent and powerful -- sadness and tragedy expressed beautifully.